El Paso Manana ★★★★★ « Un coup de maitre »

La gazette des brigands ★★★★★ « Une gâchette d’enfer »

Under the overwhelming heat of El Paso's blazing sun, will you be the smartest to draw your logic ?

  • genre Western
  • 60 min
  • 2-6 players
  • 10
  • Searching
  • Handling
  • Thinking
  • Success Rate 40%

The booty of the inviolable bank of El Paso has just been stolen. After much research and the help of an ingenious fellow traveler, your gang finally found out who had committed this feat and the potential hiding place where they could hide this money.

A chance for you, the band of El Indio is summoned to the office of the sheriff to explain his journeys of the last days.

Ideal time to revenge your rival band and recover the loot that was to come back to you.

But be careful not to dwell, they may not be conciliatory if they surprise you while poking around in their stuff.