Escape game rooms in Lyon with original and unpublished themes

Clap Escape studios offer several escape game rooms to immerse yourself in the heart of a life-size experience.
Come live a unique adventure! You will be propelled onto real film sets with ultra-immersive sets.
Locked in a room, your sense of observation and your teamwork will allow you to find clues and solve the puzzles.
But be careful, the clock will be against you and you will have a time limit to succeed in escaping, solving the mystery or finding your treasure. So, ready to try our adventures?

★ ★ ★

Dracula, the escape room soft horror for a real climb adrenaline

To take full advantage of your experience, your team should be composed of 2 to 6 people. Your goal will be to enter the manor of the most famous vampires, discover his darker secret and put an end to his curse.

The race against the clock has already started when you enter the cave. To pierce the enigma and escape the claws of Count Dracula, you will have to be cold-blooded, exercise your brain and collaborate with your team.

Dracula is a room that will give you an extraordinary experience thanks to its advanced scenario, its ultra-immersive sets and its original puzzles.

The minimum accessibility age for this room is 12 years old. Children will have to be obviously accompanied by two minimum adults to play this room.

Dracula is not accessible for people with reduced mobility and is strongly not recommended for pregnant women.


Dracula Escape Game Lyon

  • Horror / Fantasy

Transylvania, May 4, 1897, 23.00,Following numerous unexplained disappearances on the eve of St George, the village chief decides to enlist some brave inhabitants to investigate and put an end to these strange phenomena.Everything suggests that these are the work of one and the same person,...

★ ★ ★

The Booty of El Paso, the escape game to make you live an adventure in the American Wild West

Change of set, change of atmosphere, you are immersed in the heart of the American far west in the skin of lawless cowboys in a life-size saloon. Doubled by a rival gang for the bank robbery in the city of El Paso, you find yourself in front of their headquarters. Ready to fight, you will have to enter their saloon during their absence, redoubled ingenuity to discover the clues left by El Indio and its band that will allow you to get your hands on your loot and be able to escape before they come back form the sheriff’s office.

The booty of El Paso promises you a total change of scenery and will make you live a great moment to fun with friends or with colleagues.

This escape room will also be ideal for making your children discover this activity and you will allow you to share an unforgettable moment with them. Accessible from 10 years old, it will be necessary an accompanying adult. People with mobility reduced and pregnant women can participate in this adventure.

El Paso's loot

El Paso's loot Escape Game Lyon

  • Western

April 1890, The booty of the inviolable bank of El Paso has just been stolen. After much research and the help of an ingenious fellow traveler, your gang finally found out who had committed this feat and the potential hiding place where they could hide this money.A chance for you, the band o...

The differencies between our two escape rooms How to choose your adventure

Before you can book your game slot, this summary table will allow you to immediately see the escape room that suits you best.

Rather in the mood to do battle and live an adventure in the middle of a western or rather want to shiver in the manor of Count Dracula, whatever your choice, the race against time has already begun.

Motor, Action, Escape! Now it's up to you.

Dracula El Paso
Genre Horror / FantasyWestern
Duration 60 min 60 min
Players 2 to 6 2 to 7
Age 12+ 10+
Minimum Number Of Adults 2 1
Available Languages
Success Rate 29% 37%
Average Time 63′46″ 61′09″
Best Time 33′11″ 35′22″
Air Conditioner
Pregnant Women
Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes proche du terme, salle nécessitant une certaine agilité.
Mobility-Impared Persons

The very best of the escape gaming world Cinema-themed escape rooms!

With its original and unpublished themes on the theme of cinema, Clap Escape is one of the best Escape Games Lyon and is propelled into the top 10 of the most immersive and original adventure escape rooms in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

With currently two escape game rooms of impressive dimensions and the writing of the scenario for their 3rd adventure in the process of being created, choosing Clap escape is the guarantee of making you discover a fun, unusual and original activity to share with your family, between friends or colleagues.