Now showing two original scenarios at Clap Escape, your Escape Game in Lyon 6th


Dracula Escape Game Lyon

  • Horror / Fantasy
  • 60 min
  • 2-6 players

Transylvania, May 4, 1897, 23.00,Following numerous unexplained disappearances on the eve of St George, the village chief decides to enlist some brave inhabitants to investigate and put an end to these strange phenomena.Everything suggests that these are the work of one and the same person,...

El Paso's loot

El Paso's loot Escape Game Lyon

  • Western
  • 60 min
  • 2-7 players

April 1890, The booty of the inviolable bank of El Paso has just been stolen. After much research and the help of an ingenious fellow traveler, your gang finally found out who had committed this feat and the potential hiding place where they could hide this money.A chance for you, the band o...

The differencies between our two escape rooms : How do you chose your escape game in Lyon ? at Clap Escape · Escape Game Lyon

Ready to fight it out and set off to conquer the Wild West or rather want to thrill in Count Dracula’s manor ? Whatever your choice is, you will have 60 minutes to shoot your scene and produce your best dramatic play.

Dracula El Paso
Genre Horror / FantasyWestern
Duration 60 min 60 min
Players 2 to 6 2 to 7
Age 12+ 10+
Number Of Adults 2 1
Available Languages
Success Rate 29% 37%
Air Conditioner
Pregnant Women
Mobility-Impared Persons

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Clap Escape is one of the best Escape Game in Lyon and has been propelled in the top 10 of the most immersive and original live escape game of the area. With presently two impressively large rooms and the redaction of his 3rd advendure’s scenario, chosing Clap Escape is the garantee to discover a fun and original escape game to share with your family, your friends or coworkers.