Escape Game Lyon: Test your team spirit and ingenuity

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Get ready for an immersive experience. Dare to think outside the box and treat yourself to an unforgettable day.
Accessible to all, the escape game in Lyon will make you shiver or make you laugh when faced with life-size escape games offered by our experts.

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The unique experience you are going to live will make you go through all the emotions.

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What's an escape game ?

Several rooms at your disposal

We offer the more adventurous two escape rooms. You can thus vary the pleasures and the level of difficulty. Imaginary worlds open up to you and will allow you to dream, stimulate your adrenaline and get excited about our scenarios written just for you.

To have a good time, do you favor searching? Handling objects? Thinking? Depending on your preferences, it is possible to find the ideal game thanks to the different rooms.

In addition, we place inclusion at the heart of our escape game. For this reason, one of our rooms is always ready to welcome pregnant women or people with reduced mobility.

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Face the most famous vampire in history

Do you dream of exploring Count Dracula's manor house ? Well, arm yourself with courage, because we are taking you back to the year 1897. Transylvania will be the ideal place for your adventure. Experts of the occult, push the doors of this escape game and try to penetrate the dark secrets of the Carpathians.Accessible from 12 years old accompanied by at least 2 adults.

Escape Game Lyon - Dracula
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Recovering loot in the 19th century

For the bright gold addicts and the pistoleros, we also have what it takes. The goal ? Find the loot of El Paso. Put on your hat and get on your steed. Under the scorching heat of the sun and in the face of many dangers of the West, you will hate to defy the riddles to get your hands on the gold that El Indio's gang stole from you.Accessible from 10 years old accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Escape Game Lyon - El Paso's loot
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Movie buffs will love it!

Are you looking for the extraordinary? We respond to your insatiable need for original themes and qualitative reconstructions with our immersive rooms inspired by the 7th art.

We are constantly renewing ourselves by offering you to cross the limits of the screen. Immerse yourself in universes inspired by cult films and equipped with original and fascinating scenarios.

Everything is there: sets worthy of the greatest Hollywood studios, surprising special effects and complex mechanisms. Playful boundaries explode and you become the actor of your adventure!

Are you convinced? Our team is looking forward to your visit. We will dare to open the doors of our escape games to offer you a life-size experience that will be etched in your memory.

With family, friends, colleagues, the Escape Game Lyon is ideal for sharing moments of benevolence and playful stimulation around your shared love of cinema and puzzle games.

Unique adventure with Innovative themes

Original scenarios inspired by cult movies.

Life-size escape for Total immersion

Cinema sets with striking special effects.

Many puzzles with Advanced technologies

Sophisticated mechanisms with intelligent search and manipulation.

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Escape Game Lyon - Recommandé par le Petit Paumé
5/5 5/5 5/5
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Suitable pricesfor your gaming session

We offer degressive prices based on the number of players: the more you are, the less expansive your game ticket is.

Clap Escape has implemented the shared payment system if you do not wish to pay the full amount of the session. If you opt for the shared payment system, you will need to pay online at least an amount corresponding to two places in order to validate your reservation slot (excluding 2 and 3 player sessions). Once your payment has been made, invite other participants to pay for their place online via the link in your reservation confirmation email. If you are organizing an outing with friends, this is the most suitable solution. However, if your teammates have encountered difficulties paying for their place online, we can exceptionally make payment on site on the day of the escape game by credit card or cash.

Our escape rooms in Lyon are available from 2 to 6 players (Dracula) and from 2 to 7 players (El Paso’s Loot), playable simultaneously up to 13 players.

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Why opt for an escape game?

It was in Japan that the Escape Game was born in 2005 with the creation by Toshimitsu Takagi of a game called The Real Escape Game. Since then, interest in this type of game has only grown.

The principle is simple: Locked in a room, participants must escape from a room. To do this, you have to solve puzzles and exercise your brain to get out in the allotted time.

Generally, the race against the clock lasts 60 minutes. Tick, tock, tick, tock, you have to show insight and a keen sense of observation to avoid being locked up!

Various themes for memorable memories

One of the strengths of the escape game is to offer a variety of themes. Everything is possible !

In the field of game space, the possibilities are endless, because our imagination is limitless. These puzzle games are perfect for sharing a fun time. Each participant dives into adventures that turn out to be exciting and surprising.

Share pleasant moments with family or friends

Escape games are open to everyone. Escape Game Lyon leaves no one behind. Anyone who wants to have fun can join us for a fun time.

The minimum age to play depends on the animations and their theme. From 10 years old, we offer adventures for young and old. And fortunately, because we always need someone smaller than ourselves! The youngest will undoubtedly be able to find clues in every corner of the room.

All occasions are good for fun

There are plenty of opportunities to play in this life-size game:

  • Do you want to offer your child an original activity? Dare the escape game for a birthday or a special occasion.
  • Are you organizing a bachelor party or a bachelor party for your friends? Surprise them and live an extraordinary experience in our rooms.
  • Do you know a board game connoisseur or movie addict? Give him entertainment that matches his passion.
  • Do you want to strengthen the cohesion between the employees of your company? Program a team building activity in our escape game.

Moment of sharing and fun learning for your child.

Special and original event or simple outingwith friends.

The 3 “C”: Conviviality, communication, cohesion · the team spirit put in the spotlight.

The escape game to be “in” : new selection mode that revolutionize the methods of employers.

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reviews from our adventurers about our escape rooms

FAQ escape game lyon

What's an escape game/ escape room ? 

An escape room is a collaborative life-size escape game. With your team of 2 to 7 players, you will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, manipulate objects and trigger mechanisms that will allow you to reach your common goal, escape. A game master will be by your side throughout your mission and can guide you in the right direction by giving you clues. No specific knowledge will be required during your game. Only your logic, your imagination and your team spirit will allow you to advance in your adventure. 

How long does an escape room last in Lyon ? 

The lenght of an escape room depends on the type of games and the number of players. In general, most escape rooms are designed to be completed in an hour or less. However, some more complex games can take up to 9 minutes to complete. At Clap Escape, the game master who will accompany you throughout your escape room in Lyon will make sure you finish the room and may let you play for up to 75 minutes (excluding any late arrival). 

How to choose your escape room ? 

If your are looking for an escape room in Lyon, here are some tips to help you make the right choice. Make sure that the game is adapted to your age, your level of difficulty and your condition. Then, read the reviews of previous players to learn more about the puzzles offered and make sure that the location meets the health and safety standards required by French law. With all this in mind, you should be able to find an escape room that will delight young and old people ! 

How to succeed in an escape room ? 

To succeed in an escape room, you will have to use your logic and skills to find hidden clues, decode messages and solve several puzzles. You will also need to work  as a team because collaboration is essential to the success of an escape game ! Finally, always keep in mind that time is limited so try not to waste too much time and stay focused on the puzzles of your game. 

Ho to dress for an escape game ? 

When you plan to participate in an escape game in Lyon, it is best to dress comfortably. So avoid tight or restrictive outfits and opt for loose clothing that won't get in the way when you're exploring the place. You should also wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes so that your movement is more fluid and safe. 

How does an escape room take place in Lyon ? 

At the beginning of the escape room, participants receive a brief introduction to the story and the rules of the game by the game master. The, players will have a limited amount of time to explore the area and find hidden clues that can be used to solve puzzles and decode messages. Once all the puzzles are solved, palyers must hurry to open the final door before time runs out !

How much does an escape game cost in Lyon ? 

The price of an escape game in Lyon varies according to the number of players and the type of game. In general, an escape game for one person costs between 23 and 49 €. Indeed, the price is decreasing according ton the number of participants. The more people you bring, the cheaper the price per person. For more details, dont' hesitate to consult our page dedicated to prices. 

What is the level of difficulty of the escape rooms in Lyon ? 

The level of difficulty of Lyon escape rooms can vary depending on the room, the puzzle and the experience level of the players. Some Lyon escape games are designed to be more accessible to beginners, while others are more complex and require prior experience with escape games. Generally, escape game rooms affore several levels of difficulty so that players can choose the one that best suits their skills and experience. It is important to check the difficulty of the escape game room before booking ton ensure that it suits your experience level and gaming preferences. 

Can I cancel or modify a reservation ? 

In accordance with the provisions of article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for the services of leisure activities reserved and provided on a specific date. Therefore, no cancellations and refunds will be allowed. However, if the request for a change is made 72 hours before the day of the session and in wrtting, Clap escape may send a credit note corresponding to the amount paid online by the client. For more information we invite you to consult our terms and conditions page.