Clap Escape : Origins

After having surveyed a good number of Escape Game in Lyon and his region but also in a good part of the national territory, we had the idea, in October 2018, of mixing our common passion for riddle games and cinema. More specifically, we wanted to create and propose to our future actors escapes game as we would like to "play".

Solid scenarios, fluid and coherent riddles that allow you to move forward in your game, immersive decors worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood plateaus that allow you to live a 60 minutes experience where you are totally disconnected from reality.

Themes, Immersion and Technology

Original scenarios inspired by cult movies themes not yet seen in Lyon with riddles only in connection with your story, total immersion in the universe in which you are immersed thanks to the sets and special effects employees, combination of padlocks and keys leave the intelligent search, manipulation and reflection.

Easy Purchase and VIP Pass

Clap Escape allows you to facilitate your reservation by paying only your share on the site, the rest being paid locally after the participation of your shooting session. If one of the actors miss the call on the day, we will refund his session on the spot. At the end of your experience, you will need to use your memory to remember your acting prowess to get your VIP pass for your next day of shooting in the form of a coupon.

Location and services offered

Clap Escape chose to mix its two common passions: cinema and the escape game in the city of origin of cinema, Lyon, inexhaustible source of inspiration. The location is ideally located, right in the center, at the crossroads of the 2nd, 3rd and 6th district of Lyon. To get to the studio, you can come by metro, tram, car, bus, train. Public transport is within a section of 2 to 10 minutes on foot. For our foreign tourist friends, our sessions will also be available in English. An original welcome developed by our team assistant director Clap escape in dedicated rooms will be reserved for you, as well as a unique accompaniment throughout your experience.

Let yourself be tempted by the escape of the body and the spirit, by the game and for the game, become an actor of your adventure. Dive into our adventures