16 People in escape room in Lyon

Diversity of rooms for all tastes

For those looking for a real challenge, we provide two rooms designed for escape rooms. This gives you the opportunity to choose between different pleasures and levels of complexity. Immerse yourself in fantastical worlds that will awaken your senses, make your heart beat faster and captivate you with intrigues designed especially for you. 

Are you passionate about research ? Or maybe you prefer to manipulate objects and solve problems ? Whatever your inclinations, our diverse pieces offer the perfect experience tailored to your tastes. 

We place great importance on accessibility and inclusion in our escape rooms. This is why we have dedicated a room specifically to safely accommodate expectant mothers and people with special accessibility needs.  

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Immerse yourself in our fascinating worlds 

Are you looking for somethong extraordinary ? Your desire for new adventures and high-end recreations are echoed in our immerse pieces that evoke cinema. 

We are constantly renewing ourselves by offering you the opportunity to go beyond the limits of the screen. Immerse yourself in worlds inspired by cult films and featuring original and fascinating storylines. 

The experience is complete : settings worthy of Hollywood, striking special effects and sophisticated mechanics. The game takes on a whole new dimension, where you play the main role ! 

Conquered ? Our team looks forward to welcoming you. We are ready to introduce you to our escape adventures, guaranteeing a memorable experience. 

Whteher ith family, friends or colleagues, our escape rooms in Lyon are the perfect places to enjoy warm and stimulating moments, centered around your passion for cinema and puzzle games. 

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Face the most famous vampire in history 

Do you dream of exploring Count Dracula's mansion ? This is good, arm yourself with courage, because we are plunging you into the year 1897. Transylvania will be the ideal place for your adventure. Experts in the occult, open the doors of this escape room and try to unravel the dark secrets of the Carpathians. 

This escape room, accessible from 12 years old with a minimum of two adults chaperones, can be played by 2 to 6 players maximum. 

Escape Game Lyon - Dracula
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Go Hunting for El Paso's Loot

For flashy gold junkies and gunslingers, we've got you covered, too. The objective ? Find the loot from El Paso. Put on your hat and mount your steed. Under the crushing heat of the sun and facing the many dangers of the West, you will have to defy the puzzles to get your hands on the gold that the El Indio gang stole from you. 

This escape room, accessible from 10 years old with at least one adult chaperone, can be played by 2 to 7 players maximum. 

Escape Game Lyon - El Paso's loot
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Prices adapted to your gaming sessions

In the majority of escape room brands in Lyon, pricing is calculated based on the number of players. At Clap Escape we are no exception to this rule, the reservation prices for playing our rooms are established according to the number of participants : the more you come to share an unforgettable moment and have fun, the less your place to participate in the game is cheaper ! 

For a group of 16 people or more, we advise you to contact us directly to request a quote. 

Several options can be offered to you depending on the composition of your group, your specific needs sush as room privatization, catering or aperitif dinner. 

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The differences between our escape rooms 

 Immerse yourself in the cinematic universe offered by Clap Escape. Two worlds, two atmospheres where your employees can challenge themselves for an hour and challenge their team spirit. 

Rather in the mood to battle it out and experience a western adventure or rather want to shiver in Count Dracula's mansion, whatever your choice, the race against time has already begun. 

Engine, Action, Escape ! Now it's your turn. 

Dracula El Paso Alien
Genre Horror / FantasyWesternScience Fiction / Soft-Horror
Duration 60 min 60 min 120 min
Players 2 to 6 2 to 7 2 to 5 *
Age 12+ 10+ 14+
Minimum Number Of Adults 2 1 2
Available Languages
Success Rate 29% 37%
Average Time 63′46″ 61′09″
Best Time 33′11″ 35′22″
Air Conditioner
Pregnant Women
Mobility-Impared Persons
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Why choose Clap Escape for an escape room with 16 players ?

When considering an escape room for 16 participants, choosing a place that can accommodate a large group without compromising th experience is essential. Clap Escape has developed rooms specifically designed for larger teams looking to tackle challenges collectively. Find out why Clap Escape is your best choice in Lyon for an escape room for 16 players. 


Awaken the spirit of cooperation in your team 

The very essence of an escape room lies collaboration and coordination. By otping for the 16 person escape room at Clap Escape, you will have the opportunity to test the dynamics of your group. Each puzzle and challenge requires smooth communication and cooperation between all members. Whether it's a group of friends looking to strengthen their bonds, a family wanting to have a good time, or a corporate team building, our games are designed to challenge you. 

Total immersion for each player 

Even with a group of 16, we ensure that every player feels fully engaged. With our detailed and captivating storylines, each member fo your team will be a key player in the story, ensuring that everyone leaves with unforgettable memories. 

Emotions at the heart of the adventure 

With a group like yours, every emotion is heightened. At Clap Escape, we've crafted scenarios that evoke a range of emotions, from the urgency to the joy of solving a complex puzzle. Experience the excitement of discovery, the adrenaline rush in crucial moments and the feeling of accomplishment in victory. An escape room for 16 people makes every moment more intense and your adventure at Clap Escape memorable ever. 

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How does an Escape Room for 16 people take place with Clap Escape ?

Organizing an outing for a large group of people in Lyon is not always easy to do. Clap Escape we can find suitable solutions for a group of up to 32 people. 

With our colleague Odysseus, located 8 minutes'walk from our establishment, your group will be able to play simultaneously in 5 rooms with original themes in two different brands. 

There will be something for all tastes and to satisfy all desires. If you need to integrate other options into your team building day in Lyon, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, we can offer you different adapted packages including catering services or room privatization meeting. 

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Corporate Team Building in Escape Room

The escape room is much more than entertainement, it is an effective method for the professional development of teams. 

Communication and cohesion 

Our escape rooms, with their puzzles and challenges, require fluid collaboration and communication. This is the perfect opportunity for teams to strengthen their bonds and improve their coordination. 

Stimulate Creativity 

Faced with unexpected situations, participants are pushed to think innovatively, thus fostering a creative and proactive corporate culture. 

Tailor-made services for Businesses

We offer options adapted to corporate needs, including the privatization of premises and the customization of challenges. Photoshoots add a memorable touch to the experience.

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Special Escape Room events for 16 people 


Whether you are planning a birthday, a bachelorette party or any other special event, or you are simply looking to have a memorable time as a group, Team Clap Escape - Escape Room Lyon is ready to make this moment unforgettable. Our escape room is the ideal choice for unique experience, whether to celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette party or any other small group event on our film sets. 

Our rooms, designed specifically for groups like yours, promise an exciting adventure that will strengthen your bonds. To make the experience even more memorable, we have planned surpises and special moments, an opportunity for you to showcase your acting talents. 

For those who want an even more exclusive experience, privatizing our studios is an option. A photo session in our settings is also available so that you leave with concrete memories of your adventure. 

Our Game Masters, true assistant directors, take care of the smallest detail. They guide you through the adventure and, upon request, can introduce personalized challenges to add spice to your game. 

So, what are you waiting for ? Come live an experience worthy of cinema by walking the red carpet of the Clap Escape - Escape Room Lyon studios. This group adventure will stay with you and will be a topic of conversation for many years to come !

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The best of the Lyon escape room 

With its original and unique themes on the theme of cinema, Clap escape is one of the best Escape Room in Lyon and is propelled into the top 10 of the most immersive and original adventure room escapes in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. 

With currently two escape rooms of impressive dimensions and the writing of the scenario for the 3rd adventure currently being created, choosing Clap Escape is the guarantee of introducing you to a fun, unusual and original activity to share with your family, between friends or colleagues.