Up to 18 simultaneous players
Starting from €23.00 / person

Adapted rates in your escape room in Lyon

In the majority of escape room companies in Lyon, pricing is calculated according to the number of players. At Clap Escape, we are no exception to this rule, as the reservation rates for our rooms are based on the number of participants: the more people you come to share an unforgettable experience and have fun, the cheaper your place in the game!

NB : What if you have already made your reservation online and an additional person wants to join your group at the last minute ? Don't panic, your game master will take care of the necessary modifications and price adjustments on the day of your session at the escape room.

NB : What if someone in my group is absent and the session has been completely payed online ? The places to play our rooms are not nominative if a person of your group withdraws at the last minute you can find a replacement. If you do not find a replacement player, we will send you a credit note for the amount of the difference corresponding to the session after your game by email that you can use for your next online reservation with us.

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Shared payment to book your escape room in Lyon

Once you have entered the room you wish to play in, the date, the time slot and the number of participants when making your online reservation, you will have the choice of paying for the session in full:

  • Paying the entire session online: if you are with your family or if you want to invite your friends and family, this is the most practical method, which will also save you time on the day of the escape room.
  • Shared payment: If you chosse the shared payment system, you will have to pay online at least an amount corresponding to two places in order to validate your reservation slot (except for 2 and 3 players sessions). Once your payment is made, invite the other participants to pay for their seats online via the link in the confirmation email of your reservation. If you are organizing an outing with friends, this is the best solution.

However, if your teammates have encountered difficulties in paying online, we can exceptionally make the payment on the day of the escape room by credit card or cash.

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Simultaneous game for large groups

Our two escape rooms in Lyon are accessible from 2 to 6 players (Dracula) and from 2 to 7 players (El Paso’s Booty), playable simultaneous up to 13 players. This simultaneous game formula is perfect for large groups who want to test their competitive spirit. Form your teams and challenge your friends, family or colleagues and enter each of the two rooms at the same time. A real competition can then begin. Be the fastest to find the clues and solve the riddles in order to reach your final goal and get out in the time limit.

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The distribution of your group in our escape rooms

As any escape room establishment, there are rules to respect and this includes the number of people who can play together in the same room. 

If your group is made up of 7 players, you have two choices :

- Opt for a game together in the same escape room. For better immersion experience, your full group will be able to play "The Booty of El Paso" room. 

- You prefer to split your group into two groups of 3 and 4 people spread over our two rooms "The Booty of El Paso" and "Dracula". In this case, the entire group can arrive at the same time and the game will be launched simultaneously for both groups. 

For group made up of more 7 people, players will be split into two separate groups and will play separately. One will be in the "Booty of El Paso", western room while the ohter will be in "Dracula" room. However, the entire group can arrive at the same time, the games will be then be launched simultaneously. 

Don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form if you have any questions. 

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How many players per room will you have to participate in your escape game in Lyon ?

Create your team(s) and distribute the number of participants in each of our two rooms. The price per person will automatically appear below each of the two rooms. Once the players have been allocated to each room, you can proceed to payment.

Foire Aux Questions Clap Escape · Escape Game Lyon

Can I add an extra player once I have confirmed my reservation ? 

There is no problem for an extra player to join your adventure as long as the group does not exceed the maximum capacity of the game room. The adjustment of the the payment will be done on the day and you will be able to pay the difference on the spot by credit card or cash. 

One of the players in my group can no longer come and play the escape room, what can I do ? 

The places are not nominative, you can find another player to replace him. If however you can't find anyone and you have paid the totality of your session, you will receive by mail at the end of your escape room a credit note for the amount of the difference. For more information, please contact us via our contact form. 

How does payment work at Clap Escape ? 

The payment of your game session is done online via our secure platform by credit card. This occurs once you have filled in your details and accepted our CGV by ticking the corresponding box. You will then have the choice between paying the entirety of your part or proceeding to the shared payment. If you opt for shared payment, you will receive a link by email to send to other participants so that they can pay their share online. On site payment is accepted by credit card or cash. We do not accept checks, holiday voucher or pass'culture. 

Whta are the prices for an adventure at Clap Escape ? 

At Clap Escape, reservation rates are established according to the numbers of participants : the more you come, the cheaper your place is. It will take a budget of between €90 (session for 2 people) and €161 (session for 7 people.