Large groupe Escape Room in Lyon : an original team building experience

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A unique concept to unite your teams around a fun activity, ideal for successful large group team building.
Come and live a memorable experience with all your employees in an atypical place with immersive decorations and strengthen the cohesion of your team spirit.
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Why choose a large group escape room ? 

Clap Escape, ideally located in the heart of Lyon, can accommodate a groupe of 15 people simultaneously in its premises. Come and discover our escape rooms with all of your colleagues which will put your group cohesion, your communication and your team spirit to the test. Propelled into rooms with immersive settings, your teams will have to play and work together to solve the puzzles, manipulate the different mechanisms and get out in the alloted time to accomplish their mission. Divided into two groups and distributed in our two respective rooms, the two teams will be able to challenge each other. 

Our packages for a large group escape room in Lyon 

Depending on your wishes, Clap Escape can welcome you in the morning and allow you to benefit from its "Clap Morning" formula by offering breakfast to the whole group. This will consist of fruit juice, pastries and coffee and will be offered to you when you arrive at the escape room. 

More of an afterwork atmosphere ? Clap Escape welcomes you for a friendly moment between colleagues with an original and fun escape room activity which will allo you to achieve successful team building. Clap Escape can offer you, at your convenience, a "Clap Evening" formula with the option of privatizing its premises or a "turnkey" evening with your escape room activity followed by an aperitif dinner at one partners proximity. 

Is your group made up of more than 15 people ? No worries, Clap Escape has the solution. 

Odysseus , colleague and partner, join us to accommodate a large business group of up to 32 people simultaneously. The two establishments located less than 10 minutes walk from each other, will allow you to enjoy 5 different game themes. The advantage is that you only have one contact who takes care of organizing everything for you and only one invoice to pay !

Do not hesitate to contact us via our form if you have any questions to ask us regarding the organization of your event. 

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The advantages of an escape room for large group 

The escape room is a unique concept for bringing together a large team around a fun activity. Immerse yoursefl in the heat of action, become vampire hunters or bandits for a day. To do this, each team of collaborators, consisting of 2 to 8 players, has 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles together, discover secret passages and succeed in their common mission. 

Promote team spirit with an escape room (TEAM BUILDING) 

Team Building in our Escape Game in the heart of Lyon will allow you to unite your colleagues, work on your communication as well as group cohesion and bring together colleagues who do not necessarily work together in your company. This fun and original activity will aslo allow them strengthen their team spirit. 

Celebrate an event with all your friends (EVJF/EVG/BIRTHDAY) 

The escape room activity for large groups is not limited to team building. A big family event such as a birthday or a cousinade allows you to welcome all the members of your family at the same time to spend a memorable moment together. The escape game brings together all generations and pleases everyone. 

It is also the original and fun activity "par excellence" chosen for the organisation of a bachelorette party. Specially designed to accommodate large groups of players, memorable moments and laughter guaranteed for great memories. 

For more information on our EVJF/EVG and BIRTHDAY packages, go to our dedicated pages. 

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Scenarios for your large group escape room in Lyon 

Is your team building group in Lyon made up of 15 people ? Immerse yourself in the cinematic universe offered by Clap Escape. Two worlds, two atmospheres where your employees can challenge themselves for an hour and challenge their team spirit. 

Face the most famous vampire in history 

Do you dream of exploring Count Dracula's mansion ? This is good, take courage, because we are plunging you into the year 1897. Transylvania will be the ideal place for your adventure. Experts in the occult, open the doors of this escape room and try to unravel the dark secrets of the Carpathians. 

Recover loot in the middle of the 19th century 

For shiny gold junkies and gunslingers, we've got you covered, too. The goal ? Find the Loot of El Paso. Put on your hat and mount your steed. Under the oppressive heat of the sun and facing the many dangers of the West, you will have to defy the puzzles to get your hands on the gold that the El Indio gang stole from you. 

Does your team building group have up to 32 players ? Do not panic, with our colleague Odysseus your group will have the choice between 5 different themes, cinema atmosphere or time travel, there ill be something for all tastes and for all desires. 

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Prices and reservations 

Clap Escape can offer you different packages and services and can adapt to your specific needs. 

Our prices for large team building groups in Lyon 

The price is based on the number of participants. The more you come to play, the cheaper the price per person. In addition, depending on the services you have chosen, adapted prices may be applied. 

How to book your session ? 

Regarding reservations for a large group escape room, we will first establish an estimate according to your specific requests and the formula you have chosen. After validation of this, a deposit invoice will be sent to you and once the payment has been made by you, we will take care of blocking the reservation slots for your escape room activity as well as the services desired from other service providers if necessary. 

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The Escape Room experience for Large Group 

The escape Room experience for large group remains above all an opportunity to create a moment of relaxation and sharing for your colleagues. Each team must demonstrate true cohesion, a keen sense of observation, quality thinking and flawless stress management to complete their mission within the alloted time. 

Ho does a session take place ? 

Whether for the launch of a product, for an employee's departure or arrival drink, an end-of-year cocktail ... our teams are used to adapting to all your requests. 

You can also book a private space for 15 people before or after your mission, organize a breakfast, privatize all of our premises for a morning or a day, bring your teams to play in rotation. All configurations are possible, we are here to assist you in making the must suitable quote. 

Beyond the services that we can offer you internally, we also have numerous partners nearby with whom we collaborate to offer you seminar or conference room solutions, restaurants or bars. 

For a "Turnkey" seminar, go to our dedicated page for more information. 

What can you expect from your experience ? 

The important thing for us is to ensure that all of your employees leave with a smile, with as many things to talk about and beautiful memories in mind. But beyond the games we offer, we continually adapt to your needs and our team supports you in the successful organization of your event. 

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Foire Aux Questions Clap Escape · Escape Game Lyon

Is the escape room accessible to people with reduced mobility? 

Our western room, "Le Butin d'El Paso", is accessible to people with reduced mobility. However, our Dracula room is not accessible to PRMs. 

Should I book in advance for a large group ? 

Yes it's necessary to book in advance to carry out an escape room when it's a large group. Reservations are made online via the escape room website. At Clap Escape, availability is updated in real time. We can also provide you with a quote if you have specific needs before booking. 

How far in advance should we arrive before the game starts ? 

The entire group must arrive at the doors of the establishment 5 minutes before the session time. 

Are there reduced rates for large groups ? 

Rates adapted and established on a case-by-case basis may be applied depending on the packages you have chosen. 

What skills are needed to participate in an escape room ? 

Our different escape rooms are suitable for both experienced and novice players. There is no need for special knowledge or experience to have fun and our team of game masters will be there to support different people according to their level. 

How are the different languages spoken by the participants managed ? 

Our escape rooms are fully translated into English and our team is perfectly bilingual, experienced in supporting international groups. 

Can you bring food or drinks ? 

It's strictly forbidden to bring food or drinks inside the escape room premises. 

Can sessions be canceled or postponed ? 

  Room reservations can be postponed up to 72h before the date of the game session depending on availability. This postponement will only be taken into account upon written request to be sent to Below 72h, Clap Escape staff can offer the customer to relist the slot for the game session initially reserved. If it is resold, it allows the person who anted to postpone their gaming session to obtain a credit for the amount of their deposit. Conversly, if the session slot is not resold, no credit can be made. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS A GAME SESSION REFUNDABLE. For more information we invite you to consult our terms and conditions page. 

Aret there easier or more difficult scenarios ? 

Some scenarios will favor reflection rather than search and manipulation and are therefore more difficult. In general, the sucess rate of a room is indicated on the brand's website to allow players to make their choice more easily. 

Is it possible to divide a large group into several smaller groups ? 

It is quite possible to be able to divide a large group into several small groups to have an optimal immersion and gaming experience. 

How should I dress to be comfortable in the escape room ? 

When planning to participate in an escape room Lyon, it is best to dress comfortably. So avoid outfits that are too tight or restrictive and opt for loose clothing that is not likely to bother you when you are exploring the place. You should also wear closed, sturdy shoes so that your movement is smoother and safer.