Bachelor Party / Anniversaries
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Starting from €24.00 / person
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Bachelor Party / Anniversaries

An original gift, a perfect activity to build memories with friends or family, the Clap Escape team reserves you a unique moment on its film sets. A tailored accompaniment according to your requests and surprises to immortalize your adventure and your acting performances.

  • 2 «shooting» rooms From 6 to 12 simultaneous players
  • Private backstage Screen, Audio / Hi-Fi system
  • Snacking Breakfast / Aperitif

Offer 1 session

1 game per team

Your group is split into two teams.
Each team plays simultaneously in the room of their choice.

Starting from €24.00 / person

Offer 2 sessions

2 games per team

Similar to Offer 1+At the end of the 1st game, the two teams switch rooms.

Starting from €45.00 / person

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