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Dracula · Escape Game Lyon

The horror escape room :

Will you dare enter to discover its darkest secrets ?
  • genre Horror / Fantasy
  • 60 min
  • 2-6 players
  • 12
  • air-conditioned
  • Searching
  • Handling
  • Thinking
  • Success Rate 29%

Transylvania, May 4, 1897, 23.00,

Following numerous unexplained disappearances on the eve of St George, the village chief decides to enlist some brave inhabitants to investigate and put an end to these strange phenomena.

Everything suggests that these are the work of one and the same person, residing in the castle overlooking the village community. This man, a descendant of a recognized Wallachian Voivode family, a member of the Order of the Dragon, is none other than Count Vlad, a mysterious and intriguing figure whom the people fear.

The courageous villagers will have to break into his home, understand these unexplained phenomena and put an end to them.

Time will be counted, once the 12 strokes of midnight sounded, St George will ring the knell where the evil is at its peak and where anything can happen. It will solve the mystery as soon as possible to not be part of the next missing.

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