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Thanks to our ideal location, you could fully enjoy the surroundings and our partners’institutions after your session in escape game.

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Our partners in the Lyon-based escape gaming

You’ve already played our two escape rooms and you’re eager to extend the adventure of escape games ? Discover the lyon-based escape games’universes of our partners which will garantee you an original experience to enjoy without moderation."


The escape game adventures of Odysseus : 3 rooms, only one threat : IRIS. IRIS has mastered time travel technology and her goal is clear : destroy the world by modifying elements of our past. With Odysseu's team, embark aboard the Telemachus in one of their three adventures to evade IRIS's plans.

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+33 6 98 06 23 54
10 rue Sully
69006 Lyon
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"Geraldine, our mascot the otter is waiting for you ... Go through the doors of the Imaginarium, and let yourself be transported on incredible adventures in total immersion: find the clues, solve the puzzles, unlock the mechanisms and accomplish your mission"

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+33 9 72 59 09 48
12 Place Jules Guesde
69007 Lyon
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"Mission Evasion is a way to escape by escaping. An original and very immersive Escape Game in the heart of downtown Lyon! A Mission Evasion 3 missions await you: Sunday Mafia, Prison Excursion and Drunken Night . "

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+33 6 15 45 25 93
7 Boulevard Yves Farge
69007 Lyon 7
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“You are welcome to our investigation office. We have always known that the world is a great enigma, and who says enigma also says that everyone has the right to try to solve it in their own way ... Today we are actively looking for escape game specialists in order to pierce the problem. mystery of our missing Russian submarine and discover the many mysteries it conceals. "

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+33 6 81 14 20 32
21 Rue Père Chevrier
69007 Lyon 7
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Le Pass'Heure

Professor Charon, a brilliant scientist rejected by her peers for her revolutionary ideas, managed to found a research laboratory on time travel in the greatest secrecy. She and her team set out to create a real machine time ... with some success. A first version of the device was released a short time ago and the Charon Foundation needs you for its first tests. But be careful, the machine is not completely stable : it would seem that beyond an hour the technical reliability of this fabulous invention is no longer guaranteed ...

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+33 4 37 66 49 88
16 rue Pasteur
69007 Lyon
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Le Casse tête Delaunay

"Le Mystère s'épaissit autour de la disparition d'Anatole Delaunay"Nous sommes sans nouvelles d'Anatole Delaunay, le célèbre fondateur de la Fabrique Familiale Lyonnaise des Jeux et Jouets, entreprise avec laquelle il a rapidement fait fortune. Il est entré dans son bureau l'autre jour et le soir, son bureau était vide mais personne ne l'a vu en sortir. L'enquête de la police est au point mort, les membres de la famille ne semblent pas très coopératifs et la presse s'est emparée de l'affaire en la surnommant "Le Casse-tête Delaunay". Nous sommes les majordomes de la famille et nous sommes inquiets. Pour tenter d'y voir plus clair, nous allons vous aider à infiltrer les différentes pièces de cette grande maison pleine de secrets.

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+33 7 56 90 69 16
11 place croix paquet
69001 Lyon
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Our partners for eating

A deep or a small hunger after your escape game’s session at Clap Escape Lyon ? No panic, you have the king’s choice and you could enjoy crepes, organic burgers or even traditionnal homemade cuisine next door, at your leisure.



A restaurant with traditional cuisine where everything is homemade. A warm and welcoming place where you will be received with a smile. Unprecedented value for money. For sure, if you feel a little hungry after or before your session at Clap Escape, Flo's table will provide you with the necessary nourishment.

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+33 4 78 37 24 40
60 Rue Molière
69003 Lyon 3
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Tout est Tentant

After your session at Clap Escape, Tout est Tentant will welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere around its succulent savory or sweet pancakes, there is something for everyone after your game session at Clap Escape.

En savoir plus sur Tout est Tentant
+33 4 78 26 29 09
16 rue Fénélon
69006 Lyon
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Our partners for your seminars and Team Building in Lyon

Large group of a company, you would like to organize your seminar in parallel of your original activity of escape game at Clap Escape ? Located just 20 meters from ourpremises, you will discover an ideal space to regroup your coworkers and, if necessary, to eat at La Bulle Workplace.

La Bulle Workplace

La Bulle is a well-rounded seminar space to fill up with positive energy during your meetings and other key business events. A friendly and serene place, where we (re) enjoy working in an ideal setting that promotes innovation, exploration and "thinking differently".A space that you will enjoy finding before or after your game session at Clap Escape to discuss your experience with colleagues and start your seminar day in the most beautiful hospices. Most ? We are neighbors 😉

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+33 4 78 65 79 82
3 rue Fénélon
69006 Lyon
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The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a games bar located in Lyon 6 at 19 3/4 cours Lafayette. With friends, family, after work ... you will be welcomed there by our team of enthusiasts for a timeless moment around one or more board games, drinks and artisanal products. Three rooms are at your disposal to make your visit a moment rich in emotions and discoveries ! The little extra ? Our 90 places available to play all types of games, including many exclusives !

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+33 4 37 24 02 52
19-21 cours Lafayette
69006 Lyon
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Our leisure and well-being partners in Lyon

Are you eager for a night in a game bar with an incredible game library or fresh local and homemade products ? Or do you prefer relaxation after succeeding your escape game’s mission at Clap Escape ? Don’t move, we’ve got what you need.


Les Arpenteurs is a beer and wine bar, but also with games and puzzles in the heart of Lyon, a stone's throw from Place des Terreaux.Come and taste their artisanal and local beers on tap, their organic wines selected by their care and their boards filled with local products. Homemade pastries are available on weekends to satisfy any cravings, accompanied by local fruit juices, teas and herbal teas!Don't be afraid to be bored if you go there: they have a toy library filled with more than a hundred board games of all kinds.And if you feel like the soul of an explorer, you can try to solve the puzzles of the bar in order to perhaps win a reward ...

+33 6 50 04 01 43
13 Rue Lanterne
69001 Lyon 1er