Our advice for a successful escape room - Clap escape

How to succeed in an escape room ? 

Winning in an escape room is no easy feat. Although many teams enter confidently and make plans from the start, not all succeed at the end of puzzles. Participating in an escape room requires a large dose of insight, reasoning, attention to details, among other skills. If adventure tempts you, plan your escape room in Lyon. In this article, we share our essential tips for excelling in an escape room. 

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Pay attention to the introduction 

Before diving into the adventure of the escape room, the game master gives you an overview. He immerses you in the history of the room, lists the instructions to follow and is available to clarify your questions. To maximize your chances of triumphing in an escape room, our first advice is to listen attentively to this introduction. Not only will this help you fully immerse yourself in the game, but the game master might also insert hints or divulge crucial details to your quest. Consider that from this preliminary moment, the game is well and truly launched 😉. 

Dress accordingly 

The outfit you wear is decisive for the success of your escape room. Choosing comfortable clothing gives you the ease and freedom of movement necessary to decipher mysteries, explore confined areas or manipulate elements. In addition, the right outfit enhances your immersion in the game world, making it even more fascinating. 

Observation and Search : the keys to success

"Hi, this is your favorite Clap Escape game master ! You know, in our cinema inspired rooms, every detail counts. SO, open your eyes wide and search every corner. You might be surprised by what you discover ! ". 

Respect the decor : Avoid unnecessary damage 

Ah, our sets worthy of the biggest Hollywood studios ! We hold it like the apple of our eye. So, even if you get caught up in the action, avoid breaking everything. We know you're stars, but no need to act diva😁. 

Organization of clues : Centralize to move forward better

Good advice from a friend ? Don't leave your clues scattered everywhere. Centralize them, discuss them with your team and move forward together. It's like in the movies, it's all a question of coordination !

Time management : Taking a step back if you get stuck 

Tick, Tac, Tick, Tac ... Time flies, but don't panic ! If you're stuck, take a breack, take a deep breath and look at things from another perspective. And don't forget, your game master is keeping an eye on things ! 

Effective communication : The importance of listening well 

In our cinematic adventures, communication is key. Listen to each other, share your ideas and above all, don't forget to have a good laugh from time to time. After all, it's a game !

Keep your cool : Stay calm against the clock 

Is the clock putting pressure on you ? Breathe ! Remember that you are the main actors in this adventure. So, keep your cool and enjoy every second. 

Listening to the game master : Valuable clues to move forward 

Your game master is there to guide you. So, if you hear a little voice giving you advice, listen to it ! She might just save you. 

Diversity of the team : The advantage of complementary profiles 

At Clap Escape, we love diversity. Each player brings their unique touch to the team. So, promote everyone's talents and enjoy this adventure together. 

Avoid common pitfalls : Don't complicate the puzzles 

Sometines the solution is right under your nose. So, before you get into complicated theories, think simple. And if you're really stuck, a quick look at your game master might help. 

Preparation before the game : Come rested and alert 

Before embarking on your adventure, make sure you are in great shape. A rested mind is a sharp mind. And don't forget, at Clap escape, we look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience ! 

The final touch 

Successfully completing an escape room is much more than just a question of solving puzzles. It is a collective adventure where observation, communication and collaboration are the key words. Every detail counts, every clue has its importance, and every member of the team has a role to play. It is essential to fully immerse youself in the story, respect the setting and dress appropriately to feel comfortable. But beyond all these tips and strategies, the most important thing is to remember that it is above all a game. An experience designed to have fun, share a unique moment and create memorable memories. So, it doesn't matter whether you emerge victorious or not, the main thing is to enjoy every second spent in this captivating universe. Good game everyone !