An escape room in Lyon around the cinema. Who says yes ?

Lyon is the second largest city in France with the largest number of  proposals for different game themes, with 23 brands and 56 venues. This new  playful activity of indoor entertainment straight from Asia 6 years ago is  becoming more and more popular in the French landscape. So-called «first  generation» locks where key or code locks are mostly present, without any real  history on which to base you to carry out your mission, we have gradually moved  on to rooms where immersion takes precedence with solid scenarios and advanced  handling mechanisms. The escape game rooms in Lyon are not out done and present  the very example of this new generation of room. Each brand offers a special  identity and we can note in the first place the brand Clap Escape which she  decided to mix her two passions game puzzles and cinema.

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Cinema and puzzle game : the perfect union to create new escape rooms in Lyon 

After Paris, Lyon is one of the cities in France where there is the  greatest concentration of escape game by number of inhabitants. With its 23  signs, the Lyonnais have all the leisure to discover a universe that suits  them. We can also count a total of 56 escape rooms in Lyon. They will have the  choice between travelling through time, finding themselves in the shoes of areal spy, or diving into very particular magical ideas. As you will have   understood, each brand offers very different identities.  In order to stand out from its colleagues,the Clap Escape brand has decided to focus on its two exhibitions on puzzle   games and cinema, and what better in the birthplace of cinema. These strongpoints are important playgrounds, an incredible immersion thanks to neat  scenery, solid scenarios that immerse you in a real history and advanced game  mechanisms. All of this promises you an hour of stunning game that you will not  see going by.

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New and original screenplays 

                 The Clap Escape brand  has decided to focus on originality in order to stand out from its fellows. By  staying within its guidelines based on the cinema’s identity, it sets out game  scenarios inspired by cult films that will speak to everyone. For the  adventurers of all time, you will be immersed in the universe of a spaghetti  western in the middle of the American Wild West in search of your robbed loot  by a rival gang. For the bravest of you, you will dress in Professor VanHelsing’s costume to try to unravel the mysteries surrounding Count Dracula and  put an end to the curse that surrounds him. These two original and unique themes  were written by the two brand’s retailers and promise you unforgettable  moments.

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Immersion with capital "I" 

To fit perfectly with its original room themes as well as its identity  based on cinema, Clap Escape has decided to offer you even more immersive and  realistic scenery worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood film sets. In the skin of lawless cowboys, you will evolve in a veritable saloon of the  nineteenth century. Each detail was thought out and made according to this  unique thematic. To track down Count Dracula and put an end to his curse, you  will enter his mansion where everything is in its place. The visual and sound   atmospheres are not left out and contribute to make your experience one of the  most memorable. Everything has been designed to make you enjoy a unique moment  and immerse yourself in worlds that will be far away from Lyon.

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New generation special effects and mechanisms

In order  for your experience to be as successful as possible, in addition to the  realization of immersive sets and the writing of solid scenarios, Clap Escape  has bet on the new technology of advanced mechanisms to supplant the  traditional keyed padlocks or encoded codes. Manipulation will be an integral  part of your game and will take place at the moment in your story to move  forward logically and coherently in your mission. It’s an amazing cocktail that  Clap Escapes offers to make your experience as immersive as possible.

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The actor of your own adventure

As you will  have understood, Clap Escape offers you escape rooms in Lyon  distinguishing itself by these game themes  that are unique and never seen before. You will be propelled through totally  original worlds with a real story in which you will participate as actors in  even more immersive settings for an even more advanced experience. Come and  discover the worlds of the western escape game and the escape game on Count Dracula.