An unforgettable experience in total immersion ... What could be more original as a man's gift ?

It is not easy to be able to sort out all the gift ideas that we have in Lyon for our dear gentlemen. You have to know how to fall right by avoiding being classic and know how to go out of the ordinary. One thing is sure, it is said that a perfect gift for a man is a gift that must come out beaten designs. Something he’s not used to having, buying or offering.  We do not forget watches, shirts, shoes, gadgets of all kinds, we must jump the pace and bet on the unusual and the original activity. You bet for a gift that stays in memory rather than in a closet. And so that your desire to hit the bull’s-eye with your gift idea is fulfilled, we have found for you the activities you can always count on to please. We’ll tell you what we found next.

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A gift that focuses on your senses during an incredible experience

You are in a panic, in two days you have to find the perfect gift for your man, father, or work colleague, and you are running out of the idea that could get you out of trouble. Taken by time, it’s too late to order anything and you don’t want to fall either into the  ultimate ease of buying clothing or wine bottle. Happily a flash of genius crossed your mind, the man gift in Lyon will be perfect at the same time simple and original is of course the vouchers offered by multiple brands or specialized websites for personalisation tailored to your desire for surpriseto be made in Lyon. Reflex gift vouchers or gift box, it is the solution to your problems, for colorful activities that promise you beautiful memories.

Offer an extraordinary adventure with our escape rooms in Lyon ! 

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Gift box or gift voucher : the simple and effective solution for your surprise idea for a man il Lyon 

                 The gift voucher or the gift box has many advantages. On the one hand, in the majority of the companies that offer them,they can be downloadable and printable, a very convenient way for last-minute gifts. On the content side, a multitude of brands offer them in parallel with their shop for the services they can offer their customers. But the most  undeniable of the good gift remains the important panel of activities of all kinds that it can propose. It is this asset that seduces the most. There is really something for everyone, thrills provided by a parachute jump or by flying a race car on circuit, the sporting side for apprentice ships of all kinds, tasting with cooking or oenology workshops, but also rediscovered total immersion with the escape room sessions. With this assortment of choices, you can never go wrong but always have fun.

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An escape room session : a moment of sharing with your loved ones that you won't soon forget 

Come live an incredible experiment during an escape room session. You will be immersed in an incredible adventure and will be accompanied by the team of your choice. Select the theme that makes you dream the most, you are spoiled for choice : western, vampire, burglary, prison… and so many others. For an hour you will be serene heroes of this scenario,heroes who will have to find clues to be able to solve puzzles and then succeed  in escaping or succeeding their mission. An entertainment that will allow you to get together with your loved ones to have a great time and allow you to live a unique experience. So ready to try the adventure «gift voucher» special escape room for your next gift to offer ?

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The voucher escape room : how does it work ? 

To offer your best friend to the escape room, there is nothing simpler. Go to the sign that caught your attention the most. This can be an escape room in which you have already played and which you liked, so you want to let your friends discover it by offering  them a session or the word of mouth advised by one of your loved ones. Once you have made your choice, you select the number of players, usually between 2 and 6 players. Don’t worry, everyone can take part in an escape room, no need for any special physical skills, just be smart and adventurous. Once your order has been validated, you can download your gift voucher and print it to offer.Then, equipped with this voucher, the lucky recipient will be able to book on the banner’s website on the date and time slot of his choice with the theme he prefers. The trick is done, to you the world of the enigma of all kinds.

Book your gift voucher online now. 

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Out of ideas a gift to offer : reflex gift voucher 

Even if you are caught up in it, you will now always know where to turn to offer a gift to man in Lyon. The gift voucher escape room is a flexible activity for the greatest pleasure of all and that adapts to all your events like:

-   Bachelor parties

-  Bachelorette parties

-  Birthdays

-  Or simply as a gift voucher to offer