Dracula : the new Escape game in Lyon by Clap Escape !

                 If you like fantastic  films’ atmosphere and Darkness Creatures, you will love the new escape game  Dracula made in Clap Escape. Located  in the sixth arrondissement, you can find this escape game room in our  city : Lyon. The immersion being the priority of Clap Escape, you will see  that the details have been cared for. A very large and neat decor, strips and  special effects which take us out from reality and a setting which gives you   shivers. There are obviously many references to Francis Ford Coppola’s film  «Dracula», released in 1992, which inspired this room. Don’t worry, you don’t need  to have seen the film to let yourself slip into the Dracula universe : the dimlights are full of mysteries and they are waiting for you to reveal them …

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Dracula the New escape game in Lyon that you will love in a totally fantastic world 

In order to stun the players, Clap  Escape has decided to bet on a detonating cocktail, and it is a success because  the Dracula room was elected by Le Petit Paumé 2022. Are you ready to know what  awaits you ? Here we go !!!! You only have one hour in front of you : so you need  a clever mix of several things : a scenario that makes sense, scenery inaccordance with the atmosphere of your story and finally, a solving part of  riddle that is in perfect agreement with the two previous points. With Dracula,  the Clap Escape’s new escape game, we are already in a theme that speaks to all  and which is part of the common folklore.

In addition, for the most experts, the room was  inspired by a film : so you may even recognize some names announced in thebriefing  room. Then, the decors : without telling you too much (because you  still have to keep the surprise) there is a breathtaking room where you are  immersed in the immediate history with the luminous atmosphere and the   soundtrack. Everything is thought, up to the point of giving clues to  the players or even giving them a vision of what they have left in the room :it’s Immersion with a capital ""I.

And finally, the puzzles have a direct relationship  with the scenario, the characters evoked or even the fantastic universe in  which vampires are found. Behind each choice of riddle, there is a desire  to succeed in introducing an ultracredible fantasy to give players the   impression of living a parallel reality to ours. Pay close attention because  every little detail has been carefully designed.

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A novel scenario about vampire theme for the new Lyon escape room 

The Clap Escape brand has decided to focus on originality in order to  stand out from its fellows. You will put on the costume of Professor Van  Helsing in an attempt to unravel the mysteries surrounding Count Dracula and  put an end to the curse that has broken upon him. You will have to break into  the Count’s castle and escape before nightfall ! But be careful, you will not be  alone: it seems that a presence or a supernatural force haunts the castle….

Dracula is a thrilful room, without falling into the horror  category : even if some misfortunes await you, you can adventure there from two up  to six people : choose your team well because once faced with your anxiety, you  will have to be able to rely on it !

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The new escape game in Lyon is consistent from the entrance to the exit 

                 In order to stick  perfectly to his dazzled identity on the cinema, Clap Escape has decided to  offer you a setting worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood filming sets. From   the entrance, we get the establishment’s artistic direction, even the short  film explaining the safety rules is based on an inescapable reference : will you  know which one ?

At Clap escape, you embody actors who prepare  themselves for their shooting film. Fit into the  character’s shoes while your game master gives you a reminder of the speech   before you enter the scene.

Lights, camera, action !

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Will you break Dracula's curse ? 

                 This is an amazing  cocktail that Clap Escape offers for your experience, a well-balanced mix of  excavation, manipulation, thinking and observation. For your experience to be  as successful as possible, you need to be calm because you will need  concentration : the puzzles of the room are far from the traditional key or codelocks. You will have to find the coherence of each piece after having succeeded  in gathering all the clues of it. The creativity shown by the designers in the  room is quite impressive because in this room you will be faced with mind games  that you have never seen before, which are staged in several crucial stages :  excavation, thinking and finally, manipulation. This room will challenge you  because some puzzles also require patience (the mother of all virtue), which is  hard to keep when you find yourself in the mansion of a vampire who could at   any time pop out of his coffin to pay you a little visit.

So, seduced ? We are waiting for you now for your game session against Count Dracula. 

★ ★ ★

A new escape game in Lyon where you will not be disappointed ! 

As you will  have understood, Clap  Escape has many surprises in store for you in this roomfull of thrills and history. You will be propelled into this totally original  universe as soon as you walk through the door of the room. Descend into the  depths of the mansion of history that awaits you. The whole team is eager to  make you a timeless adventure in a limited time, to share without hesitation !