Know more about two escape rooms in Lyon

                 The escape room in  Lyon has become without arguing the activity prized by all. Several brands with  different identities have been created in Lyon with ever more original themes  in order to offer players a wide choice of different games. Newly established  in the heart of Lyon, between the 2nd, 3rd and 6th arrondissement, Clap Escape  does not deviate from this rule, we unroll here the red carpet of its  universes.

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Innovative escape rooms in Lyon

Lyon has nothing to be ashamed of in front of these neighbours of the  capital, which concerns the proposal of banners and game themes in the French  escapes. For a while, the Paris’ rooms held the monopoly of innovative and new  generation rooms with themes never seen nor exploited. Now the data has changed  and the provincial cities are doing well.

The escape rooms in Lyon are  among the best in France and we are proud of them. With strong brand proposals  and original themes, most of Lyon’s events were carried out by passionate  independents who do everything they can to satisfy their players.

Sometimes in  the skin of a spy, sometimes in the skin of a crooked mafioso, the players will  have no choice but to satisfy their desires of the moment. Prison, heist,asylum, bunker, pirate ship, unusual, horror, western, Dracula, mafia themes :there is something for everyone. Moreover, referring websites specialized in  escape rooms will be there to guide them in their choice.

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Escape room and cinema go hand in hand in the city of the "Frères Lumières" 

                 The new getaway brand  in Lyon, located in the 6th district, named Clap Escape, had the choice of  betting on its two passions to embark on the fabulous adventure of creating  original scenarios.

It offers an identity based on the escape room  cinema that offers a total immersion in their studio.

In this new letter you  will be the actors of your own adventure. You will have the possibility to play  as a gang of villains in the American Far West to try to recover the famous Loot  of El Paso or to put on the post of professor Van Helsing, eminent occult  scientist will go in the middle of the Carpathians to investigate the secrets  of Count Dracula.

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Embody a gang of villains in the American Wild West era in the Western Room 

The first room proposed by the Clap Escape brand is a western game show,a fresh and innovative theme absent from the Elysian landscape.

Adapted from a  famous cult film, you can find there the typical saloon’s ambiance of the late  nineteenth century, with a total immersion in the natural settings worthy ofthe most beautiful film sets. You will play as a gang of villains who will have  to find the loot that a rival banner stole from you.

A well-crafted scenario  that will ask players to unsheathe their logic as quickly as their shadow.

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A room with an original fantastic/horror theme about Count Dracula 

Clap Escape  decides for its second room to bet again on a genre that is not yet represented  in Lyon : the fantastic/horror genre by adapting the film as well as the  famous novel by Bram Stoker to make an escape game Dracula.

Dive into  Transylvania at the end of the 19th century, you will have to put on the  costume of the most famous occult science teacher, Professor Van Helsing, in  order to be able to overcome the curse that surrounds the most famous vampire  in history. 60 minutes immersion in a neat decor and pushed down to the  smallest details, you will have the right dose of adrenaline to be able to  realize your best acting.

Do not wait any longer to reserve your session and discover our universes

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Become the actor of your own adventure 

Banners  with strong identities, original and varied themes are the strength of the  escape room in Lyon.

To make his mark among the many brands based in Lyon, Clap  Escape has focused on his two passions, puzzle games and cinema, to propose new  and original themes that are a western escape game and a Dracula escape game.