How and why to prepare a business seminar ?

Planning a business seminar is a strategic mission that requires careful thought. This seminar must be adapted to specific objectives, to a precise budget, which must be fixed even before the choice of activity. Start by asking yourself: why organize a seminar and what are the desired objectives ? 

A business seminar aims to meet several objectives: bring together all employees in an innovative work environment, strengthen the corporate culture and facilitate communication between employees. Interactive and stimulating activities are offered to encourage mutual aid and enhance the skills of each individual. It is also an opportunity to present your overall strategy and reinforce the company's values to your employees. 

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It is also an opportunity to present your overall strategy and reinforce the company's values to your employees. 

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The key steps to organize a business seminar 

Before the event: preparing for the seminar 


It is crucial to focus on the pre-seminar phase as it determines the whole event: what is the main objective of the event? (Reward teams, launch a new product, celebrate the end of the year ...), who are the participants targeted by the event ? What is the available budget ? 

Once these key elements have been established, it is necesary to move quickly to the operational phase. That is to say, the practical implementation of the objectives and needs expressed. 

Set the date and duration of the event, the number of attendees, choose location, determine the theme and atmosphere of the event, define activities and entertainment, establish the schedule of the days, propose suitable catering. 

It is recommended to get out of the usual framework of the company: the change of scenery helps to forge links between colleagues. Alternate between entertaining activities and work sessions, while providing moments of relaxation for the participants. 

During the event: relax and enjoy


A team of dedicated and responsive professionals will respond to all requests from participants and ensure the smooth running of all activities and events, control the arrival of all registered participants, create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and performance, manage logistics ans pratical aspects. 

After the event: evaluating the results 


Your objectives were clearly defined before the organization of the seminar, have they been achieved ? This question often comes up once the event is over. To be able to respond satisfactorily, it is advisable to set up an evaluation plan which will make it possible to know whether the seminar was a success and what improvements could be considered for future events. 

It is therefore important to collect the impressions of participants through a satisfaction questionnaire. Some benefits are not quantifiable, but choosing an original seminar with team building activities is often perceived by employees as recognition of their work and reinforces the positive image of the company with them.