"The Best Escape Game.fr" is unanimous : here is the best Escape room in Lyon

The blog «The Best  Escape Game» is unanimous : here is the best escape room of Lyon. No, you’re not dreaming, it’s El Paso’s loot and it’s in Clap Escape ! An escape game in Lyon which «theme is conducive to the change of scenery and adventure : "the western»  according to the blog «Le Meilleur Escape Game». Straight out of the biggest Hollywood’s  westerns, this escape room offers you a real time travel, it will leave you an unforgettable memory for sure.

Who has never dreamt of making a smashing entrance by the swinging edge of a saloon with a revolver on a background of pianobar music ? Clap Escape is committed to fulfilling your  wildest wishes, but will you live up to them ? Are you ready to become an actor  in your next adventure ? Light, camera, action : it’s up to you !

★ ★ ★

A Western and puzzle game : a perfect macth for the best escape room in Lyon 

Being Lucky Luke is all very well, but why do we like it so much ? Clap Escape has the answer by opening the doors of an incredibly immersive saloon during an adventure punctuated by games of thoughtful and original puzzles. The perfect combo for a successful escape room in Lyon.

The scenario is simple : you play a gang of villains in the time of the American Wild West and you come to rob the terrible rival El Indio’s gang without their knowledge in their den. You have one hour to complete your mission before their return. The Best Escape room has found the right words and  insists on the playfulness and immersion of this new Escape Room in Lyon that  breathes the dust and dirt of an old Texan bar.

★ ★ ★

A real journey back in time for the top Lyon escape room 

“Immersion” is the currency of Clap Escape. Designed directly by film designers, El Paso’s Loot takes you directly in the middle of the 19th century. Pistols, beer choppes, hats and santiags are waiting for you and offer you the possibility to transform yourself in Jo Dalton for an hour. The illusion is so perfect that you almost forget that the hourglass is returned. Be careful, dear actors, not to play too much cowboys rather than to look for the loot because El Indio’s gang will prove much less lenient than your game master.

★ ★ ★

The perfect balance between manipulation and thinking for the best getaway 

                 The El Paso’s Loot has the particularity of being a getaway thought by players who like to be surprised. Thus, fun and thinking are on the agenda, we rely on the new  mechanical  technology to supplant the traditional lock with key or codes. Manipulation  will be an integral part of your game and will come at the right moment of your adventure to advance in a logical and consistent way in your request. This is the moment when you can search everywhere and leave everything in a mess, enjoy it, it may not happen again.

★ ★ ★

A family game, an original gift 

With its catchy script and original puzzles, El Paso’s Loot offers you an unforgettable experience that will seduce young and old, beginners and experienced and ensure you the promise of a good time with friends and family.  Birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, everything is designed to spend an excellent time and make these special days unforgettable. So why not take a little trip into the middle of the Wild West for sixty minutes without having to catch a plane ? The saloon is open !

Don't wait any longer to live an unforgettable experience with your loved ones in the heart of the American Wild West ! 

★ ★ ★

Are you ready to become part of your own adventure ? 

The prize for Lyon’s best escape room 2020 was awarded to El Paso’s Loot, which won it  with his immersive scenery and playful and original puzzles. A western experience that will bring out stars in your eyes (or bullets in your guts…) but especially dollars in your pockets ! You take the challenge ? Silence plateau, we are waiting for our next actors !