5 gifts in Lyon to party with friends

Our life is punctuated by countless more or less important events that everyone wants to  celebrate with their loved ones, friends or colleagues. So whether it’s for birthdays, Christmas, a life-changing announcement, a move to a new company ora retirement party, there are plenty of opportunities to make a gift. Unfortunately, this good intention is almost always synonymous with puzzles. Let those who have never been afraid to give a gift that friend, close friend or colleague does not already have, or even worse, a gift that might not please them, raise your hand ! To get you out of this combatant journey, we have found 5 gift ideas to do in Lyon to do with friends.

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Not obvious to find a good gift idea to do in Lyon ? We have the solution 


We are fortunate to be able to serve in a city rich in cultural activities of all kinds, but also in the areas of sports and leisure. The city of Les Gones makes it possible to find solutions and real gems to all your questions and problems regarding the search for a gift idea to do in Lyon. Moreover, in order to sort through the countless proposals that the city can offer and give you the best tips for your gift inspirations to make in Lyon, we have made a small selection. Most of this selection ? It can be suitable for both a woman’s gift and a man’s gift because it is the simple and extremely effective  gift voucher.

A gift voucher to share an unforgettable moment with an incredible activity, the escape room. 

Offer an extraordinary adventure with our escape rooms in Lyon. 

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Selection of gift ideas for women


                 Your best friend,your wife, your colleague or your mother must celebrate soon her birthday. To make this event special and set you apart from all the other guests you decide to hit hard and offer her a present that will keep the best of memories.  Several ideas are offered to you to find the best gifts to make to a woman in Lyon. Goodbye to the traditional gifts well packaged with bolduc that will end up in more cases either by a credit in the shop where you bought her gift either by a refund or worse a resale ! The solution to all these misadventures is the right gift. Nothing is more inspiring than a good SPA gift, well-beingand beauty to offer or a typical Lyon gastronomic circuit or to be sure to make a tobacco, a fun gift for an escape room session. A star activity of the moment   that combines fun, good humor and reflection with time to share with friends,family or colleagues, it is the right gift that will hit the mark and will always please. So we’re taking you girls ?

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The puzzle of giving a man a gift 


Cheesy and old-fashioned, the well-wrapped tie in its package, the latest detective novel or the summer breeze fragrance at sunset ? Indeed, these gift ideas no longer make you dream. Thus, you have decided to be original, to hit the bull’s-eye in order to offer the gift man to do in Lyon. The good gift is the solution to this mishmash problem and get you out of this hassle. An important selection of activities can be proposed to you. What would you say to offer a survival course, an oenology course or for a moment of ultimate sharing  with friends an escape room session ? The good gift, simple and effective, it is in the majority of cases printable and customizable, in short the ideal gift ! 

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The Gift Voucher : the solution for combining rationality and originality 

Are you looking for an original gift  idea to give to a loved one in Lyon ? You will have understood it : to hit the target and always the right choice to please, the good gift is the simple solution. Fast and efficient to achieve your goals and make discover the most  unusual activities one than the other to your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, giving a good gift is a wonderful way to pleasure and whatever it is to:

-  A woman’s gift

-  Or a man’s gift

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