A birthday to organize in Lyon ? Discover our unusual gift idea !

One of the most important days for each person is his or her birthday.  It is essential to spend each additional year of your life surrounded by your  loved ones and friends to make this day memorable and unique. For this date to  stand out, several aspects must be taken into account. The success of the event  depends to a large extent on its organization, but also on the amount offered  to the person who takes one more year to the count.

At the moment, beside the traditional gifts carefully  packaged by the oldest ones or even the birthday cards with the word that goes  well accompanied by the check that makes you happy, the big trend is to offer a  moment of sharing during an activity where everyone meets.

It’s a good thing, Lyon is full of ideas more unusual  than the others to please and to the first of which stands at the top of the  podium the activity of escape game. Without inspiration to have fun and ensure your  birthday, do not go any further, the escape game is «the» activity  to make a  gift for a child’s birthday than for an adult’s birthday and we want to explain  why.

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An unusual activity to share for a birthday in Lyon

                 The Big Day is approaching  quickly and for everything to be perfect it will require some preliminary  preparations. The success of the event to organize a birthday in Lyon will pass  several stages and to make it irreproachable we advise you to narrow down a  list of key points and everything you need. And what’s even cooler is that this  list can help you as much in the preparation of an adult birthday as for a  child’s birthday. In short, you will have to choose a place to celebrate as it  should be, choose a caterer to support all your guests, find activities and  animations of all kinds without forgetting the logistics of the thing. You are  lucky we have found you a site which can offer you a lot of addresses and more  friendly ideas than others to organize a memorable private event.

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An activity that goes off the beaten track for an adult birthday in Lyon 

It’s settled, for your birthday this year you want to please yourself  and your entourage. Before you get together to drink to your health in one of  the many bars that the city of Les Gones offers, you want to have fun with your  friends and for that you try to find an activity that would please all your  guests. Without any hesitation, your choice is on the ideal activity : the  escape game, a safe bet for an original birthday in Lyon. All you have to do is  choose the theme that will produce the most and let’s go for at least 60  minutes of fun with friends. A moment of conviviality and sharing that will  leave you memories full of head. What is even nicer about this activity is that  it can be organized for both adults and children.

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An original activity for your child's birthday in Lyon ? We have a solution !

In a week, your boy will blow out  his 12 candles !!!! End the time of birthday dinners at home with the invitation  of the famous clown and his balloon sculptures or the clumsy magician and his  childish tricks. No, really, it is now time to brainstorm a surprise for him   that he would be a thousand places from considering. After surfing the net all  Wednesday afternoon at work to find him the ideal activity, you stopped on the  activity in vogue and which is appreciated as much by grown-ups as by children,  I named : the escape game. This fun and playful activity allows everyone to  agree and share a unique moment with their friends. With the many themes that  the brands offer you have the choice to stick with the theme of our surprise  birthday. For sure, your child’s birthday in Lyon will be a real success.

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The "Good Plan" activity to organize a birthday in Lyon 

It will have been understood, the  key word today to make it easier for a birthday is no longer just in the good old  gifts, but indeed in the organization of an activity to spend a moment of  sharing with family or friends and the activity that best suits is that of the   escape game. This one adapts to measure also for:

-  An adult birthday

-  That for a child’s birthday (from 12 years)

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