It's Not always easy to organise a child's birthday in Lyon ... We have what you need !

In a week your childblows 12 candles ! End of the time of birthday dinners at the invitation of the famous clown and his balloon sculptures or awkward magician and his childish tricks. No, really, now is the time to brainstorm for him to concoct a surprise that he would be a thousand places from considering.

After spending your Wednesday afternoon surfing the various websites to find the best idea they have for organizing your child’s surprise birthday in Lyon, which will keep a great memory, you realize the scope of the task. An impressive range of activities are availableto you. Don’t panic, here we reveal you the best plans and activities reserved for this event to be a perfect success ! 

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Original designs to organise your child's birthday in Lyon 

Celebrating your birthday in Lyon seems very complicated to you, especially as the latter enters the difficult age of adolescence. How to organize a nice event, which is out of the ordinary, which will please him and his friends and which could leave a great memory ? A real challenge awaits you in order to find the perfect sequence of the party that must be punctuated with animations, activities of all kinds without forgetting the traditional «Happy Birthday !" Fortunately, our beautiful city of Lyon has more than one trick in its bag and can propose original and unusual ideas that will please your child and his friends to make this surprise event an unforgettable moment. Over here to give you some ideas that could help you in your organisation.

Discover the escape room activity in Lyon for your children's birthday, they will love it. 

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Home party with homemade activities


It is not always easy to organise your teen’s birthday exclusively on the outside. Nevertheless, it is always possible to offer her or him a birthday party at the height. We advise you to ask him/her to choose a particular theme for this day which can then be used to articulate it. It will allow you to carry your choice on such activity, help you in the choice of decoration and for the realization of the birthday cake. The traditional «Boum» can be a success,you can make it more original by offering the guests to dress up in relation to the theme that your child will have chosen. It can also be completed with a «Karaoke» competition or even «Beauty» with make-up workshop. You can also orientate this day on the theme of games of all kinds by the track game. The board game's marathon or Olympiades or the homemade escape room so that each of the guests will be true savers or detectives to try to solve the investigation. A colorful day where everyone will have something for themselves. However, even though this option may seem less expensive (and still needs to be checked) it will take you some time to prepare and your interior may prove to be suitable for the activities you plan to organise.

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Exciting and original outdoor activities for a sucessfull birthday in Lyon and its surroundings 


The perfect mix for a successful birthday party for your teen ? A fun and trendy outdoor activity to start the day by offering them a skateboard or scooter animation in a skate park accompanied by a instructor who reveals secrets to them to realize the most beautiful figures and trends of the moment. Looking for a team activity ? Head to the football field for a game of crazy football ! The human bumper car will certainly be an activity that will  please all guests and that promises a moment of good laughs. For the more girly side of the successful birthday party. We can turn to a photo shoot with accessories  in the unusual places of Lyon with a professional photographer who will immortalize the moment in the most beautiful postures to get the most memorable shots. To continue, you can direct your little troupe to a pure moment of sharing and fun where the team will be their best asset to be able to come out  victorious from their next adventure. Head to an escape room session where they can play the role of adventurer or investigator.

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An escape room to end this perfect birthday in Lyon ! 


                 The escape room is  the star activity of the moment that is celebrated by both adults and children and teenagers. It allows you to share a real moment of fun with your friends in a playful and original way. In Lyon we are lucky to be spoilt for choice with  regard to the proposed themes. The different brands redouble their inventiveness to broaden the choice of themes. You can be propelled through the Middle Ages in the time of the witches, put on the costume of a crooked  mobster, find yourself in the middle of the American Wild West or in the far reaches of Transylvania in the mansion of the terrible Count Dracula. Special birthday packages for children may also be offered by some of them. A tailor-made accompaniment with why not a dedicated space to taste the birthday  cake of your favorite teenager can be organized. If you can’t stay in the game, some retailers suggest that the group’s dedicated game master can be in the room with him so that he can help him solve the puzzles by providing appropriate clues and in all safety.

Do not wait any longer to please your child and book now your game session 

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Perfect progamme for your child's birthday in Lyon 

Even in need of inspiration, you now have all the cards in hand to organize a child’s birthday in Lyon. At home or outside, a range of unusual activities awaits you in Lyon and its  surroundings. To keep in mind to make your teen and his friends stay in the top 3 the activity of escape room that promises them a frank party of fun, a moment  of sharing that they will not soon forget. Most of this activity ? It can also  prepare for a child’s birthday (from 12 years old) for:

-  An adult’s birthday

-  Or simply for the pleasure of offering as a gift voucher