Ladies, we have "THE" solution to organize a bachelorette party in Lyon

In order to make a gift, the escape game is the best compromise to  always please. It can be offered for different occasions as birthdays to fill  the souls of the great but also of the small adventurers. The parties between  friends for the wild bachelor parties but also in the feminine version for the  unusual bachelorette parties or simply offered as a gift voucher for the simple  pleasure of giving.

The escape game is the most requested activity for events  that can be important in our life, it makes it possible to make special  announcements in an original and off beat way or to make an event such as a  young girl’s funeral by sharing it with these girlfriends. Lacking inspiration to organize amost memorable event for your best friend ? We have the program you need to  shine with bright ideas. It’s time to embark on a memorable moment.

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A young girl's life in Lyon that you will not forget ! 

The announcement was made yesterday around our cocktail hour of the  week. Your best friend since childhood sow in 6 months, and she chose you to be  by her side during this magical time as a witness. Crazy excitement, tears of  joy and sades around this long-awaited announcement, you accept this most  delicate mission and put on the super witness costume. Once the excitement subsides,the anxiety begins to rise, and you realize the magnitude of the task at hand.Ok, you sit down quietly to think about the biggest piece that awaits you and  that you should not miss, the organization of the last hours of his celibacy.Once the list of girlfriends is drawn up and the budget allocated, the   bachelorette party will be held in Lyon. The city of Gones is super well  served, it is full of very friendly places to spend unforgettable moments and  very varied in its proposals of more original activities than the others. The  problem is that with this gargantuan choice you do not know where to look and  do not want to deceive you the choice of program concocted. Do not panic, we  have «The» colorful solution that will hit the mark and will not disappoint any  of your guests in the first title including the future bride to organize her   EVJF in peace.

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A bachelorette party in lyon : a program that will make you shine with bright ideas 

                 The date of thelong-awaited weekend is getting closer. Almost all of your 100% girls programis being finalized. You still need to validate the activities that will   punctuate these 3 memorable days. City of Lyon obliges, you will necessarily go  through gastronomy by selecting the best «corks» You can take a stroll along  the banks of the Rhone or the Saône River, either by bike or on foot, while  strolling through the old town and learning more interesting anecdotes. But the  city of Les Gones is not only famous for its outstanding gastronomy and  magnificent architecture. You can also tour its many bars as diverse as varied,enjoy a show in one of its famous theatre cafes and choose «the» unusual  activity that will please and bring together your whole team. To  set you apart from the activities always planned in the program of a  bachelorette party, hit the nail on the head by associating the spa or photoshoot with the activity that has the power to put everyone in agreement: the  escape game.

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An original and unusual activity for the organization of a bachelorette party

                 Lyon is full of  activities that are more original and varied than the others. For a 100% girly  EVJF, you will not be able to miss the traditional spas of all kinds, shooting   across the city for nice souvenirs, dance or cook lessons for budding  chefs. To spice up this event and make it a reality in the eyes of the bride as  well as for all your friends, complete of these activities with a game of  escape game. This trendy activity is solicited from all sides because it allows  you to share time with those you love. It can make the event unique and  memorable by adapting to any request. Some escape game brands in Lyon such as  Clap Escape offers tailor-made services to satisfy the wildest desires of its   future players.

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Tailor-made solutions to make your experience unique 

The atmosphere is given as soon as you enter the studios of Clap Escape.  Tonight you are the stars of the night, everything will be done to make your  experience on the film set unforgettable. During your booking, services with  a tailor-made connection will be offered to you. Two filming sets with new  scenarios can be played simultaneously if you are numerous in team challenge  mode and a privatization of the space until 00:00 with a tailor-made dinner  according to your desires will accompany your adventure. The team of assistant  directors at Clap Escape will take you on the red trail to make your moment   unique.

Don’t wait any longer to book your online game session 

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The Escape game : a tailor-made activity for all your specific types

To put all the chances on your side and succeed in the organization of  the young girl’s funeral from your best friend and shine as witness of the  year, have the reflex Escape game, the activity that puts everyone in agreement  and adapts to all events such as:

-   Bachelor party

-   Anniversary

-   Or simply for the pleasure of  offering as a gift voucher